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Ing 2015-05-21 18:06:19
I much prefer <a href="">inmarfotive</a> articles like this to that high brow literature.
Ewa 2015-05-23 04:05:45
I was the lucky recipient of Penny's book-in-the-post'. It was a raelly delightful page turner with something thoughtful or jolly on each page a real pleasure.Can't wait for All Booked Up' where I shall be Penny's side-kick. She'a great tutor with a wonderful take on the decorative and the delightful. I've got one or two projects in the pipeline too! [url=]dluxtbvlvm[/url] [link=]fgopvazznu[/link]
Maria 2015-05-23 14:38:13
The Hubris, we won the big prize and the race has not started. The real <a href="">ansewr</a> is always simple and stupid (KISS) and that is good education by a dedicated staff to the students. It works every time. Remember, The Fish Rots from the Head. My friend, Richard Arthur turned around, the most violent and criminal high school in the U.S. at the time Castlemont High School in 1970, Since he took over not even fist fights instead of gun fights, over 50% dropout to almost zero and to college from 5-65% in only 4 years. Then he helped to found Whitney High School in Cerritos which has been one of the highest performing public high schools in the U.S. for over 25 years. Why not gather these Real Genius's of Education into one place and have them decide what should be done to turn around low performing schools without changing all the staff and such. It has been done by these Real Genius's of Education and they seem to use the same set of rules. Why not see what those who have done it say?Anything Gates, Broad, Walton et al are involved in keep away from and don't believe a word of the spin they present unless provable. They are not here for our benefit only theirs.
Natali 2015-05-25 09:20:14
The below is my email sent recently to Erik.I just read Item No. 9 in you msntfeaio an I couldn
Gisselle 2015-05-26 09:51:18